Younger Chemists Committee

Serving the Needs of Early Career Chemists

Younger Chemist Leadership Development Award




Each year, the YCC organizes a Leadership Development Workshop that is geared toward younger chemists and is held in conjunction with the ACS Annual Leaders' Conference as part of the ACS Leadership Development system. The Leadership Development Workshop is designed to help young chemists develop into highly skilled leaders in the Society and in their chosen profession by:


  • Developing leadership skills that will be useful to members at work and in their volunteer roles
  • Identifying the value and benefits of being an ACS volunteer leader to leaders and their employers
  • Acquiring knowledge and share best practices through networking with other ACS leaders, governance and staff
  • Having fun through engaging and interactive sessions throughout the conference

"The entire weekend was well done- I honestly could not have asked for more. All of the workshops were really useful and chock full of "real-life" applicable content. Furthermore, all of the trainers as well as attendees I met were just really high quality individuals. I felt very lucky to have had such a fabulous and unique networking opportunity." - Molly 2008 LDW Attendee


The YCC grants 15 Younger Chemist Leadership Development Awards that support ACS members who are less than 35 years of age to travel to and participate in the annual ACS Leadership Institute and the Leadership Development Workshop. Fifteen award winners are selected annually with an additional 15 Award alternates invited to attend the ACS Leadership Institute provided they, or their employer, cover all expenses.


  • Award: Awards are made on the basis of scientific merit and cover the registration fee, transportation, lodging, and meals associated with attending the Younger Chemist Leadership Development Workshop and the ACS Leadership Institute.

  • Award Alternates: Alternates are invited to attend the Younger Chemist Leadership Development Workshop and the ACS Leadership Institute with their own funding.

  • Eligibility:

    • US citizens or permanent residents

    • Under the age of 35 years of age at the time of application

    • Are not a Member or Associate Member on the National YCC

    • Current graduate student, post-doc, OR within the first seven (7) years of a  professional career

    • Current ACS member

  • Have not received a prior award under this program

    Are not a Member or Associate Member on the national YCC

  • Application Deadline: 

    Applications for the Younger Chemist Leadership Development Award will be accepted between August 1st and November 1st. All application material must be received by November 1st for consideration.


2016 Leadership Development Institute YCC Track Attendees (Pictured Above)