Younger Chemists Committee

Serving the Needs of Early Career Chemists

Career Resources

The American Chemical Society Younger Chemists Committee (ACS YCC) advocates for and provides resources to early career chemists and professionals in the chemical sciences and related fields. The vision of the YCC is to lead younger chemists into successful careers in the profession and active roles in the ACS. The resources and opportunities available to you as an active member of the ACS can significantly benefit your career: 

The ACS YCC has also encouraged the establishment of Local Section Younger Chemists Committees (LSYCCs) across the country to encourage young chemical professionals to network at the grassroots level. Participation in local section activities benefits younger chemists in the following areas:

Younger chemists involved in local section activities can make their voice heard beyond the community of scientists:

Lastly, involvement in your LSYCC can also be an excellent platform for better communication and understanding among younger chemists with diverse cultural backgrounds:

The YCC provides funding for local sections to establish LSYCCs so that you can help your local colleagues make the most of the benefits and resources of ACS membership!  Visit our Local Section YCC page for more information!