Younger Chemists Committee

Serving the Needs of Early Career Chemists

YCC Programming

One of the ways that YCC serves its constituents is to coordinate events that address specific issues relevant to younger chemists and chemical professionals. These activities take place at the local, regional, and national level through ACS local sections and at regional and national meetings.

National Meeting Programming

Programming at national ACS meetings is a major focus area of the YCC. Because national meetings are always well attended, providing programs at national meetings allows us to reach a wide cross-section of our constituents in a highly effective manner. Thus, our programs at national meetings tend to be broader in scope than what might typically be found at a local section. When the needs of our constituents overlap with the focus of other committees or technical divisions within ACS, we often partner with these groups to organize events. Such events are designated as being co-sponsored by the YCC (e.g. in the list of technical programming).

Local Programming

Local programming is also a major focus area of the YCC and is governed by individual Younger Chemist Committees within each local section. Activities at the local level are often a member's first exposure to ACS. These activities can assume a wide range of forms, from social networking events to educational seminars. More information is available on our Local Section YCC pages.

Regional Meeting Programming

The scope of events held at regional meetings is quite diverse and can encompass the kinds of programs available within local sections as well as those provided at national meetings. Please check with the organizer of the specific regional meetings you are interested in for more detailed information. Please contact us if you would like to secure our help in organizing younger chemist programs at a regional meeting.