Younger Chemists Committee

Serving the Needs of Early Career Chemists

Join Us!

The National YCC is always looking to add fresh faces to our roster as current members 'age-off' or move on to other opportunities (typically 4-5 per year).

If you are interested in serving on an ACS Committee, the online committee preference form for committee assignments will be open from late spring to early summer at:

We also recommend you submit the interest form (below) to join the list of prospective members. Attending open YCC meetings and being an active member of a LSYCC is a great way to stand out. 

YCC Interest Form

Participate as a Younger Chemist Appointee

YCC also helps to identify candidates for Technical Divisions and other Society Committees in need of younger member leaders. If you're interested, check back soon as we finalize details for applying for this program.

Join or start a Local Section YCC (LSYCC)

If you are interested becoming involved in your LSYCC, then the first step is to contact your Local Section officers and express your interest. Great volunteers and new ideas are always welcome in any LSYCC. Though many ACS local sections have established LSYCCs, some have not yet developed their LSYCC. If you don't have an LSYCC, then consider taking the lead to start one in your own section!

 Find more information on our LSYCC page.