Younger Chemists Committee

Serving the Needs of Early Career Chemists

Local Section Younger Chemists Committees (LSYCC)

Local Sections and LSYCCs facilitate networking with others in the community and introduce young chemists to active roles within the ACS.

Over the past several years, the ACS Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) has encouraged the establishment of Local Section Younger Chemists Committees (LSYCCs) and/or Local Section Younger Chemist Liaisons across the country to encourage young chemical professionals to network at the grassroots level and engage in active roles within the ACS.

What should you do? That depends on the younger chemists in your area. The heart of every LSYCC is its programming, which can include everything from social get-togethers to technical programs and we have resources to help you get started!

Starting a LSYCC

Don't have a local section YCC? Start your Local Section Younger Chemists Committee!

If you are interested in starting a LSYCC, contact your local section officers and express your interest!

The YCC encourages LSYCCs to turn to the local section for mentoring and advice as well. Moreover, the YCC recommends that at least one LSYCC member act as a Local Section Younger Chemist Liaison and attend local section board meetings regularly to share progress on LSYCC activities and give a voice to younger chemists on the local section level.

More information about starting a Local Section Younger Chemists Committee can be found in our starter kit (PDF).


Funding to help start your local section

YCC starter grants to help LSYCCs sponsor their first big event or launch a new program. Although there are few restrictions on the grants, their uses can be as varied as the sections that request them. Return your completed grant application to:

American Chemical Society
c/o The Younger Chemists Committee
1155 16th St., N.W.
Washington DC 20036

Congratulations to our recent LSYCC Starter Grant Awardees!

  • Binghamton
  • Memphis
  • Central North Carolina
  • IN-KY Border
  • Greater Houston

Planning a Program

Help on Planning a Symposium 


Organizing Panel Discussions

With some experience, we have a few ideas to help organize a panel: (1) Start planning early, the first people you invite may not be available for the event. (2) Make a list of different people from each branch of chemistry. This way, if the first industrial chemist you invite cannot attend, you have a list of other industrial chemists as backup. (3) Contact the panel members a week or two before the event to confirm. Make sure they are ready to attend the event, and that they know what time the event is. (4) Make sure at the event there is a moderator with questions ready. If the audience doesn’t ask questions, someone needs to.

LSYCC Events and Programs

  • The heart of every LSYCC is its programming, which can include everything from social get-togethers to career forums to technical programs. There is no limit to what an LSYCC can do!
  • Some of the most popular LSYCC events include career forums, industry tours, community involvement and outreach, volunteering within your community, and, of course, socials!
  • The ultimate goal of any programming is to help younger chemists connect with one another and get positive about chemistry.

Still need more ideas? Check out the list below. Also contact your LSYCC mentor, a member of your ACS local section (you could sponsor an LS meeting!), a member of another LSYCC, or post a message on our discussion board. Another great place to meet other younger chemists is our on-line Facebook community.

Here are some ideas for programs that LSYCCs have used successfully:

  • Visit a local art museum. Couple the visit with a talk on art preservation, restoration, or authentication.
  • Hold a meeting at a local brewery, winery, or distillery and have the brewer/vintner/distiller speak about the process of making beer/wine/spirits.
  • Tour a local company's plant.
  • Hold a social event centered on sports. Successful events by LSYCCs have included golf tournaments, ice skating, soccer, volleyball, and softball. Is another sport popular in your area? Go for it! If your LS happens to be centered around a university, put together an intramural team. Or if you have a community sports league, that's a way to do a team open to non-students.
  • Hold a seminar on being an entrepreneur.
  • Have ACS Career Services give a career-oriented seminar, such as one on resume preparation or interviewing.
  • Invite a local industrial, government, or academic scientist to give a talk on their research. Most people are thrilled to talk about their work...or themselves!
  • Organize people to participate in your local section's celebration of National Chemistry Week, or Earth Day.
  • Hold a networking social.
  • Organize a scientific symposium or poster session.
  • Plan an outing to see a professional or college sports team in your area.
  • Get involved with your local scouting programs.
  • Host a panel discussion on "traditional" or alternative careers in chemistry.
  • If you are in a largely academic section, consider sponsoring a series of monthly social hours, intended to break down barriers and spark collaboration between students, postdocs, faculty, and/or staff.
  • If you're just getting started, have a Kick-Off Social and Informational Event. Once you have everyone in one place, it's easy to survey your members!
  • Even more ideas can be found among the activities selected to receive LSYCC ChemLuminary Awards.

Packaged Programs

  • The YCC has programs made up for you. Use them as a framework for your next event or use them as they are, it is up to you. The programs are available as PDF or Power Point files. If you have a program that you would like to share, please send it to us along with some explanations to help others duplicate your successes.