Younger Chemists Committee

Serving the Needs of Early Career Chemists

LSYCC Starter Grant Recipients

2017 Georgia LSYCC, Panel discussion with local professions and grad students in STE

2017 Carolina Piedmont LSYCC, collaboration with SERMACS 2017

2017 New York LSYCC, for hosting 'How to Brand Yourself'

2017 Chicago LSYCC, for their event 'Industry Tour'

2015 New Haven LSYCC, for a teambuilding retreat to build their newly formed committee

2015 Arizona LSYCC, for their first networking/social event

2015 Ole Miss LSYCC, for their first LSYCC event - a trivia night!

2015 Boston LSYCC, for their support of International Programming for young chemists at the ACS National Meeting in Boston

2014 Sierra Nevade LSYCC, for their involvement with Project Solution Community Center

2014 Dallas-Fort Worth LSYCC for sponsorship of their ACS PfLAGS program for younger chemists

2014 Santa Clara Valley LSYCC, for their symposium on HIV latency at teh ACS National Meeting in San Francisco

2014 Western/Central Illinois LSYCC for their fall kick-off picnic to initiate and promote their new LSYCC

2013 Indianapolis LSYCC for their hosting International YCC members at the ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis

2013 Louisiana LSYCC for their symposium highlighting accomplishments and career paths of chemists at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans

2012 Cornell LSYCC for their speaker series and networking reception